Month: November 2018

  • Interesting Facts About Quad Bikes

    Without a hip bump style stand or a lift stand, you cannot do the maintenance with your dirt bike. In fact, investing in a stand can be useful as you can leave the bike there when not in use. Even after the first ride, you may need some parts for the bike with you. Replacing or cleaning the air filter can be necessary depending on the terrain you are riding on. Having one spare with you or knowing how to clean an air filter can definitely help. All terrain vehicles are getting famous for adventure and racing. These are also being used in agricultural work as these can run on any terrain. People are using it as a hobby also. Quad bikes are much different than road bikes or dirt bikes. Many people are considering buying a quad bike. As these bikes are completely different, there are many things to know and consider. For the first timers who are buying a quad bike or searching for quad bikes for sale, a guide will definitely prove helpful. That is why, we present some tips to help the buyers to decide what to choose according to their need. Size and weight: Quad bikes are heavy and a rider will need to control it to ride it on off road terrains. Riding a quad bikes for sale Melbourne is different from a quad bike. Though these quad bikes have four wheels that are sturdy enough, it can be really tough to handle a quad bike properly. Weight distribution and body position are the ultimate factors that help to control a quad bike. So, an ATV must be chosen depending on the body weight of the rider and also comfort in controlling. Young riders should always go for smaller bike as it will be easier for them to handle. While 350 kgs quads are perfect for young riders, 400 kgs quads are generally used by people. There is another variation. 550 kgs quads are considered as good carriers. One sitter: Quad bikes have a large sitting space. The size may make one assume that it is made for a passenger too. But in reality, a quad is made for only the rider. The large space is provided for the rider to reposition himself or herself in order to control the heavy vehicle. Having another passenger or a load can hamper the control as the quad is not made for this purpose.