Month: December 2018

  • Whimsical Party Ideas For Your Batch Reunion

    A batch reunion is where you meet friends and colleagues of almost a past life. Not many people keep in contact with their college buddies or school mates after quitting. However meeting them and sharing life experiences is a great opportunity for all of us.

    Making things fun

    By the time you are planning a reunion, most if not all, members of the school or college are employed and married with kids. Therefore, freeing a time from them could be difficult. Make sure you send out invitations well in advance so they can reschedule things and arrange so that office tasks are taken care of or family obligations are sorted out. If you are having a theme party, designing the invitation to match the theme will spruce up some interest and make for higher attendance at the event. Hopefully they can still refer to comics online and prepare some costumes accordingly.

    Games and events

    Meeting everyone after such a long time is an interesting and fun-filled thing itself. However once the meeting and greetings are over, unless there are best buddies who can sit and narrate their life stories to each other until the end of the party, others might get bored. Best is to introduce some games and events, such as passing the pillow or paper dancing. It is important to have something where everyone – colleagues as well as their spouses and kids, if they are invited – can participate in. If you are planning a beach party or a gathering at a resort, perhaps beach volleyball or a round of golf can be organized.

    Tick the needful

    It is always best to plan for the party in advance. There must set a reasonable budget. There must also be sub-committees who can organize the sports events and other entertainment items. A great array of food – buffet or ala carte - and drinks also must be served. Even though this is a common event for a batch of past pupils, the party must have a host to see to your guests’ needs; so maybe you can talk to the hotel or venue staff to arrange that. When and what prizes are to be given out must be decided prior to avoid any confusions. Should a latecomer requires, you must also know where to buy theme-suitable rockabilly dresses or a suit to go with it. A fond memory can be tarnished by lousy planning. So if you are thinking of a reunion with your friends and colleagues remember great planning and execution are the keys to make it a success.