Most Commonly Used Flowers In Making Perfume

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The fragrance of fresh flowers is one of the most wonderful things about nature. While we find ourselves purchasing all sorts of branded perfumes to keep us scented, we just remember that a simple gift by nature is keeping the whole environment under the wonderful and many fragrances combined. Therefore, it will be useful if you are aware of the types of flowers that are being used for this purpose. Yes! Even the perfumes that you use are made by the aid of flowers. Read below and enlighten yourself.


These are perhaps the most widely used type of flowers for various purposes. The speciality that a rose can carry in a person’s life is sometimes beyond description. Therefore, when it begins to connects to you through your choice of fragrance, it will become a must have scented perfume in your wardrobe. However, in order to make rose scented perfume, there are two main types of roses that can be used for the purpose. While Damask rose is considered to be the most widely used one, Rosa centifolia is also another one used for the same purpose.


While you would find some purchasing flowers ordering HK of roses in order to gift it to a loved in showing affection, sharing joy or a form of well wishing, there are certain types of flowers that cannot be used for such purposes. Jasmine is one of the aforementioned types which is not usually used to gift anyone, but as a simple source of perfume. Its fragrance is perhaps one of the strongest and most feminine out of the many floral options available for you to choose from.


Plumerias are not a type that can be easily found all around the world. In fact, you will not find them on the internet to buy flowers online HK. The primary reason for this is that they usually grow in tropical countries. An interesting and unknown fact is that they have unique names according to the country that they are in and may not always be called plumerias. It is believed that their scent tends to be stronger and higher during the night time.


Violet is not only a flower that shares fragrance, but is also a very common name that is used and loved among many girls in the world. There are two main types of violets that are used for the purpose of producing fragrances; the parma violet and Victoria violet.

Have you used perfumes made out of any of the above?