The Role Of A God Parent

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If you have being introduced as a God parent, things would not be that simple as it seems. You are the second after the child’s parents. Your presence for your God child’s birthday, christening, graduation and any other special achievement will be compulsory. The most important event that you may need to be present is the christening. If you are very close to the family, you may even consider organizing the christening party. This is a special day when your God child receives the sacrament to enter the Christian community.


Before organizing anything, you will need to sit back and decide on the present that you will be giving. This gift should be of great importance and have an important meaning. Your God child will not be able to recall this special day, but the thought of having something that will represent this beautiful day would be wonderful. If you have decided to get an engraved bible, medal, gold cross that has the name of the child and the date of baptism, it would for sure mean something special. You will need to approach a good place that is specialized in making baby gifts Australia such as these. Since these are very special gifts, you will need to make sure that the place that you will be obtaining these are produce these gifts using high-quality materials.

These gifts should be durable and long lasting for many years and generations to come. When the child grows older your presents can evolve. Birthday presents can be the usual. However, your God children would expect spiritual gifts from you. For instance, you could gift them cute personalised puzzles that are based on Christianity. This would let them understand more about the religion and have fun will learning as well.

Being there

The role of a God parent can take different forms, you could be the fun aunt/uncle who spoils you when their parents are being too harsh. You can even be the one who they come to share their secrets and the troubles they are going through. Things that they cannot share with their parents. You may have the role of being an intermediate at times. Even if you are not any of those roles, you will need to make sure to be their whenever they need you. You are the next representative of their parents. In happy times and sad times. The thought of you being there for them would be a great strength to them.

The overall role of a God parent will have its ups as well as downs. You need to set a good example to your God children and be extra vigilant with what you gift them.