Building Your Own Computer

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If you want to have a really high end computer in your home for you to play games and for you to watch movies, the best way to get it is to build it yourself. The reason for this is that high end computers are extremely expensive if you buy it outright in the market and you can build your own at a fraction of the price. Many people wish they had their own computers but they can never effort to buy them no matter how much they save because the prices are so high. Building your own computer is not only beneficial for you financially but it can be a lot of fun as well to put the project together. The main components of a computer are the hard disc, the motherboard, the random access memory, the power supply and the VGA card. You can buy all these separately on the market.


When buying the components to build a computer, it is important that you buy branded well known components in order to avoid having the computer break down after few months. One of the main benefits of buying a ready made computer out right is the fact that you have a long term warrantee whereas when you build your own computer you will not have any warranty at all except for the individual warranties on the individual parts that you buy.

Things to keep in mind

Before you start your project it is important that you do your research online so that you will know what to add onto your computer and what to leave out. You will need to have a PCI card slot in the computer motherboard. Keep in mind that although many of the new computers will have different cables to the ones that you used in the past but it is important that you have both of these as you can never predict the compatibility of different parts that you will use.This is one of the biggest mistakes that computers maker make. In fact, they might not even be mistakes at all because having only one socket makes the owner of the computer buy another small divide to help with the compatibility as is the case with sfp+ transceiver.The type of computer that you will build will depend on your reasoning for building the computer. In other words, if you are building it for gaming purposes, it would be a different specification that you will need to a new computer for watching movies.